We were referred to Dr. Sandy Dooley by our Court Appointed Parent Facilitator a few years ago. In the time since then, my 8 year old son Jackson has been a client of hers.    To say that we are so very thankful for her impact in his life would truly be an understatement.  

Dr. Dooley has been so very helpful in assisting Jackson in navigating difficult circumstances, support him in developing coping mechanisms and giving him a safe place to be his whole self with patience, empathy and a genuine advocacy for the child.
She has also been a great partner to our Parent Facilitator to assist my co-parent and me in illuminating important issues for our son’s benefit. She is a consummate professional who has a wonderful way of connecting with children that makes her a natural at what she does.
Most importantly, Jackson genuinely looks forward to visiting Dr. Dooley and both enters an departs his visits with a smile, confidence and joy.   
We are so thankful to have such an amazing person in his life.

– Hakan Oksuzler

To Whom it may Concern
Dr. Sandra Dooley was assigned our social study by the Dallas Family Court. I spent a lot of time with her over the phone, and in personal interviews. Our case was very contentious, and Dr. Dooley was very professional and neutral in her evaluation on our family, my daughters, and my ex-wife’s background. She was very thorough and extremely balanced in her conduct towards me, and felt she was looking out for the best interests of my daughters.
This case involved determining the best parent for custody of the children. Dr. Dooley has a lot of experience with social studies and was excellent in determining the truth in the various statements that were made. She was very fair, easy to work with and very professional. I would highly recommend her to any potential parent going through a similar child social study.
John Gannon

A Father’s Comments Regarding A Custody Evaluation:
I have absolutely no complaints about the way that Dr. Dooley conducted her social study on my case. 
While my specific study happened on an expedited basis, Dr. Dooley was very thorough in her interview 
process. She contacted nearly every single personal reference that I gave her. She went out of her way 
to interview members of my family, and my friends in person. There was no denying that she took her 
role in conducting my social study very seriously. When all was completed I felt very comforted knowing 
that Dr. Dooley had conducted a thorough and unbiased investigation all the while keeping my 
daughter’s best interest as her single motivating factor.
Having Dr. Dooley conduct the social study was the single most encouraging thing that happened during 
my custody case. She gave me the confidence that I was making the right decisions. She also offered 
immeasurable insight into what I should expect down the road in dealing with my co-parent, and 
coached me through how to handle and avoid certain scenarios in the future. I truly cannot thank Dr. 
Dooley enough, and would recommend her service to anyone looking for an unbiased and professional 
person to conduct their social study.
Taylor Gauntt

Through the period of time Or. Dooley counseled me, I developed a strong sense
of self and a working foundation that continues to carry me forward through life’s
expected and unexpected moments. Her innate ability to offer refuge for personal
introspection with dear, concise and poignant insight allowed me the opportunity
to harness valuable lifelong coping skills which have been the ballast in my personal
and professional l i f e.
Janet M


I’m blessed to have you in my life.




Dr. Sandy Dooley has been a true blessing in my life! I first entered therapy with
Sandy 23 years ago as a young woman dealing with major depression. She was so
accepting, coring}’ supportive and encouraging. I didn’t feel alone in my pain
anymore.. She helped me to truly understand myself i.n ways 1 had never been able
to before. Now, as a women entering mid-life; I have sought Sandy’s expertise
once again to help me make sense of issues I am dealing with at this stage of my
life; marriage issues, self esteem issues and parented issues. With every session 1
feel more empowered and more in touch with ME again! l can’t express my
gratitude enough … Sandy’s guidance and wisdom hos been one of the greatest
gifts in my life ,and I feel so fortunate to have found her so many years ago.

With Much love and Gratitude,

Lisa B


Hi Sandy,
You have helped me so much and I hove missed seeing you. You are the most
wonderful, caring person and have done so much fo, r me. ·I hope to see you so- on.
Thanks so much,

Sandra Dooley, Ph.D.